Raul Pacheco



To talk about RAUL PACHECO is with out a doubt talking about one of the most exponent artists in the underground scene of Extremadura( south of Spain) with a great national and international level of projection. From his early start at 17 years of age,resident in one of the most mythical clubs, Mattrix, Raul has performed in the best night clubs and festivals in the actual national panorama around the world, showing his value in events and clubs such as Dreambeach, Aquasella, Fabrik, Copera, Cosmos, elRow, Florida135, Weekendbeach, Los Álmos, Privilege Ibiza or like the ADE Festival in Amsterdam.
Original and creative,  his sessions give us a great variety of possibilities, those being different scenes like clubs, big night clubs and also festivals. Techno, a small variety  of tech-house and the most minimalistic electronic music pervade his brilliant sessions, where the technology, beats and Avantgarde  effects make his sessions unique, characterised by the powerful mixes, always with constant interaction with the dance floor crowd.
Not leaving behind  his aptitudes, PACHECO also works on creating music projects with his own identity, gaining quick results such as Safir Musik, La Pera,Pornographic, Beatfreak, Over Records ans 7 Senses are some of the labels that his as signed as solo or with artists such as Mario Otero, Manu Sanchez o Gesus Lpz.
The big highlight to mention is his nomination as best national artist at the  prestigious Vicious Music Awards in 2017. Also his recognition in Electronic Extremadura Music Awards as artist of the year in 2014.



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