The name of the young and talented bulgarian Dj – Izabella began increasingly to be associated with some of the best events in the club calendar of Bulgaria.
Her love for electronic music and passion for parties, as well as her artistic talents developed from an early age, naturally bring her to the stage. Her first gig was in club “Lifehouse” in 2014 at age of 18. The energy she transmitted to the audience briefly ensured her gigs in most of clubs in the country, among them : ”Cacao Beach”, “Party center 4km”, “Tema”, “Masai”, “Incognito”, ”Playground”, “Wake Up”, ”Onyx” and major events such as: “Electrosphere festival”, ”The Exclusive Summer Vibes” and “Maskarlad”. The talent of Izabella was quickly spotted outside Bulgaria. In the list of her performances abroad she already have recorded two gigs in Belgrade, in club “Svemirska Kafana” and a year later in club ”Underground”. In October 2016 Izabella was part of one of the biggest music festivals – Amsterdam Dance Event. In January 2017 Izabella played at City Hall,Barcelona.
She has been on one stage with artists like: Mladen Tomic, Sinisa Tamamovic, Lea Dobricic, Hollen,Uto Karem, Alberto Ruiz, Alex Mine, Dema, Secret Cinema, Enrico Sangiuliano, Gaga, Mateo, Timmo, Balthazar & JackRock, Mat Sassari , Skober, Steve Mulder, The Yellowheads, Medhat & Dekkstrum ,Phuture Traxx, Toby Rost, Sebastian Groth, Dr. Adji, A-Brothers, Mat.Joe, Thabo Getsome,Me&her and many others.
Recently she started experimenting in the field of producing, there are several released remixes, and a track with serbian Dj Dr.Adji. Izabella is distinguished by a specific style of mixing – a perfect combination of techno tracks with thick bass line and melodic vocals.


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