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RELINA is one of the most intriguing female Dj’s at the Bulgarian electronic music scene.
Her style is merging into different musical dimensions between deep, dub & tech and often reaching in her mixes to funk, soul & progressive elements, various musical instruments & vocals, percussions, ethno motives, supported by massive bass line & everything which could enrich and modulate music in a most harmonic way.
Enchanting and every time new in her musical selection Relina never stops to surprise and provoke people’s idea about music and party emotion.
Her life is flowing with the music. After 7 years studying the magic of the accordion she dives into the infinite space of the electronic music.
After so much of it past her ears 2011 she took the most natural path – namely her professional musical growth.
Relina resident Dj at Carrusel and High Club in Sofia. She can be heard in the mix a lot of times at Wake Up Sofia, Wake Up Varvara, Plazma Plovdiv, Maf Maf Macedonia, Fabrica 126, High Club, Chervilo, Jules Verne, Cosmo, CLUB 365, Rush, Playground, Carrusel, Mood Lozenets, Culture Beat, Funky Kitchen, El Tubo, Beach Bar Smokinq, Vanilla Bay and many others.


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