Ethan Heich



 Ethan Heich has the quality of reinventing himself.

His background as a dancer, for over 18 years, circus skills as walking on stilts, acrobats, master of fire and more than twenty years of animation and entertaining allows him to understand the different music genres and play with them in a way that people starts to dance instinctively.

Thus in 2013 he decided to devote his energy, skills and passion for music and started learning from the best Roman masters. He becomes a DJ / Producer, ranging in all forms of music including Progressive House, Tribal, Deep, Techno and EDM.

He currently works with the recording label One Day Lab Madrid. After playing in exclusive and private parties, he has worked for: (latest to earliest)
Radio podcast (Marbella); Planet Ibiza (Ibiza) Beachgrooves; Technomisa (Barcelona); Do It (alibi disco) Grosso (Piper Rome) under XXL (Barcelona); Library (London); Time (London); Eden disco (Grosseto); Vis Party (Naples); Criminal Candy (Naples); San Salvador Party (Rome); Miele Industries Party (Rome); Futurarte (Rome); Splash Pool Party (Rome); Muccassassina (Rome)




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