If you haven’t heard of DJ BTRIZ, you surely will soon enough. This young female DJ, born
and raised in the city of Granada, south of Spain. Has a very special passion for music,
since a very young age.
With only 10 years old she changed her dolls, and toys for small DJ equipment. After
finishing High School, she decided to postpone her studies. So, she could focus
completely on pursuing on what really fulfilled her, which was music. She was conscious
she only had very little knowledge about the DJ world, but she never threw the towel, and
left all her fears on the side.
Her heart always felt a passion for electronic music, this made her become a young
autodidact. Working hard to learn, and get better each day. Ever since then, while she
grew, she started playing for her friend’s parties. Until one day, she was discovered by her
first representative. Who helped her have her first steps to a bigger public, giving her the
opportunity to bring her music around different pubs, bars, and clubs around her city. Her
enthusiasm, and dedication to make the crowd enjoy to the fullest with her sets, made her
more noticeable every day.
Creating her own opportunities, in solitary. Working to be recognized even though, it was
hard, a lot of people tried to push her down, she never gave up.
Soon enough she got the opportunity to play with very well-known national DJs like Cora
Novoa, César Almena, Albert Neve, Abel the kid, DJ Nano, Raúl Ortiz, etc.
Defending without ceasing her music style, she created her own public, winning with
pulse the recognition of her name. With a characteristic form of working, and her
outstanding versatility, giving preference to the genre of House music, and all its variation.
Now a days, she works for one of the biggest entertainment companies in Spain: Grupo
Bribones, where she has been one of the resident DJs in Mae West, and Velit Granada.
Since early 2016, she has shared her DJ booth with great DJs like Kryder, Albert Neve, DJ
Nano, among others. Previously she was a resident DJ in another electronic music club:
Vogue Granada (2014-2015)
“Don’t ever give up on your dreams just because someone tells you that is not worth it. As
long as just, one single person still believes in you, as long as YOU believe in YOURSELF,
everything will be worth it”- Btriz.


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